The Nutjobs Are Restless

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
George Monbiot (no, he's not a nutjob, he's a journalist. There's a difference. Nutjobs drink less) has a very informative site at, and you can do worse things than check it out.
One particularly loose wingnut that I came across on Monbiot's site (cheers, George, we should really get together and roast a couple evildoers sometime. Gimme a bell & we'll hook it up) is located at
I decided to give this site the once over after reading a Monbiot article in which Robert Felix (for it is indeed he whose site it is) was quoted as a source for a rabidly denialist claim that the glaciers of the world are not, in fact, receding but - hold onto your fur coats, folks - INCREASING IN SIZE!
Well, that's a relief. Now we can all go back to driving 10-litre 4x4's and polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases willy-nilly. Oh, gibbering jollyhops!

I must say it's refreshing to see a nutjob so happy to be on the loose. Obviously the warders were feeling particularly magnanimous on the day they let this fruitcake out the pen. It's just a pity that an overwhelming body of evidence which is no longer in question points to all the opposite conclusions than Mr Felix's claims.

Hang in there, sunshine. You're an individual.

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