Happy Friday!

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Polite and immaculately turned out, The Social Workers are a couple of metrosexual gents.

NoNoNo!!! - April 25th - Willowvale Hotel - Durban - South Africa

Fearlessly leaping into the cheese fest that is Durban's musical mainstream, we slash and burn our way down to the marrow to dish up a smorgasbord of delectable cuts that leaves our punters filled and fulfilled yet ravenous for more.

With king muppets of the indieremix fidget dancefloor the SOCIAL WORKERS on the case and loony as ever, you can expect to get a bloody good rinsing. We should know, we've been using their product for...oohh...days now, and we've never had brighter brights. Hands in the air stuff, and that's a promise you can take to the piggy bank.

The Socials will supported by bright 'n shiny new kickass Live electro-hip hop phenomenon SPITMUNKI (featuring Liam Magner and Kobus van Heerden of the Neon Anthems and multi-talented all rounder Ewok), delivering a fresh take on how many warped and wild noises you can get mic and machine to make if you tickle them in all the right places.

Last but not least is URCHIN, a delectable slice of homegrown electro pie that is the brainchild of one Mikey Goddard a.k.a the ex-drummer from Perez, Love Jones and the dude who can drum like a motherfucker.

Did I just say 'motherfucker' on live TV? No, No, No, I didn't.

Of course, and as always, the above superstars of the underground sound will be in the company of your favourite dancehall deviants, the ECLECTICA ALLSTARS, namely one part Hedmekanik, one part Mixin Vixin and one part Leo. As always they will be seducing your delicate shell-like ears with a truly orgasmic genre-bending selection of beats, bleeps and basslines.

In the name of the Jol, the whole Jol and nothing but the Jol! Amen, boeties and sussies, can we get a witness, hallelujah etc etc etc.

Someone say ‘hallelujah?’ Right, you - I've had just about enough of you, so here’s a downbeat electro remix of that self-same tune by the legendary Happy Mondays, those world-renowned muppets of the acid house daze. That'll learn ya.

Happy Friday!

('too late!' she cried.)

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  1. stephen April 4, 2008 at 8:51 AM
    amen muppetfucker amen

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