By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
This is about as religious as Richard Pryor gets.

Picking up the thread from the previous Richard Pryor quote on Blue Mondays, we chuck in some spices and serve up a slice of true comedy genius. In the grand scheme of things, a lot of comedians are quite crap. They get up there, they spout ye olde dog-eared and recycled wisecracks that you've heard come outta other comedic cakeholes and...then you go clap politely and cringe the hell outta there. For me, I like the screwball nutter genre and the Kalahari-dry wit genre. Fat jokes, racial jokes, parent jokes....ptui. Weak. Some of my favourite comedians are George Carlin, Steven Wright, Bill Hicks, Jack Dee, John Vlismas, Eddy Izzard and Alyn Adams. Eddy Murphy, back in the RAW days, too. OK, so Bill's dead. So's Richard Pryor, but you can still hear him, through the miracle of MP3. Ah, technology. Where would we be without it? A few degrees cooler with hands covered in callouses, probably. In any case, herewith and without any further delay or ado, a helping of one Richard Pryor's finest skits, EVER.

Bit of a large file, so be patient, it's about 35mins long. But so, so, so worth it, because at about 24:59, he launches into an inspired caricature of a wino that will have tears running down your cheeks if you've even so much as smiled only once in your life. I tell no lie.

Voila: That Nigger's Crazy.mp3


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