Pull Up To The Bumpersized Dub Version

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik

Grace Jones is headlining the Secret Garden Party fest this year. Fucksake.

So there I was, minding my own business...trawling the net for interesting things, when I noticed a friend had joined the Secret Garden Party festival group on facebook. Apart from being green with envy down to the cuticles of my toes, I was riveted to the spot with jealous apoplexy when I read that Grace Jones would be headlining. (For the benefit of international fans of the Voodoo Kitchen, allow me to explain: I'm in South Africa. The Secret Garden Party takes place in England.)

While I was a little young to appreciate her in full cry back in the eighties, I've come to dig her music since. She's as crazy as a cornered honey badger, agreed, but her music is fantastic. Jo, I hope you have yourself a fine time. Say hi to Grace for me.

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