Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik

NONONO!!! # 11

Sharper than a razor's wit, perkier than Milla Jovovich's tit and cooler than a romp in the snow, NONONO!!! once more lurches into the gloaming that is Durban’s nightlife to bring the heathen masses a dose of musical evangelism. Freshly baked from a four-day stretch out at AfrikaBurn and ready to tear a new sonic hole in the fabric of Stone City’s underground, The Eclectica Allstars have thrown their lot in with a motley crew of DJ’s who are willing and able to suffer for their art, even if it means being locked up for disturbing the peace.

And with a choice assorted bag of lekkerish allsorts like these, your palette can expect a veritable carnival of musical flavours that will include but is not restricted to: 80s and 90s amadeadly classics, indie, alternative, rock, acid jazz, minimal techno, big beat, breaks, fidget, house, remixes, electro, Japanese noodle pop, sofatech and a whole bunch of other stuff even we can't make up a name for.

DJ’s featured:

The Eclectica Allstars - Hedmekanik, Mixin Vixin and Leo
Kevin Louw (The Rift, Retro’s, CRASH)
Jet Jungle (Social Workers)
Manoj & VaSun (Lapis Lazuli)
One Track Mike (TripHazard Sound System)

Friday November 28
Willowvale Hotel
Corner Albert Dlomo & Umbilo Roads


For more on this deadly event, go here:

NONONO!!! facebook Event page

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