From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
JZ in the spotlight, as usual...

'A president on trial would embarrass SA' - Mail & Guardian 04/02/09 headline paraphrasing Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President.

When all the kak was flying towards the fan, before JZ was president of that almighty untouchable vestibule of all that was once good and worth dying for, the Holy Almighty Once-Was-A-Broad-But-Now-Its-A-Bit-Of-Tight-Squeeze-Church, the ANC, and when he was unceremoniously shunted off his perch as Deputy President of the aforementioned selfsame gang, did the ANC not think at all about the embarrassment factor?

After all, they've known for years that the inevitable shit/fan explosion was imminent. All the signs were there: the Schaik debacle, the Infamous Kanga Shower Episode and of course, those looming Four Horseman of the Armpocalypse thundering on down the Legal High Road must also have given pause for thought. No?

Or did they think that a president under fire from so many directions was omnipotent and would simply give a waggle of his goggle-eyed and bespectacled bonce, let rip another tone deaf rendition of uMshiniwam' and - shazam - it would all be alright? Perhaps they have indeed swallowed the intoxicating brew of conspiracy and believe it's all that bad, bad man Thabo's doing - after all, it's always the quiet ones, eh?

Sweet baby Jesus laying in the manger with the three wise geezers gathered around, are these people entirely out of touch with reality? Are they aware of how the rest of the world views us a nation for even CONSIDERING the election of a man so utterly besmirched by his own making? Or that sycophants with no more in their mouths or minds than appallingly-rephrased and defunct Marxist rhetoric and a wardrobe full of Armani suits respectively are inciting active resistance to the fundaments of our Constitution?

Are the card-carrying comrades that make up the ANC entirely ignorant of the damage its insistence on electing Jacob Zuma is doing to not only the country, but indeed to its own organisation? No wonder COPE is making such inroads, when the good ship HMS Sisulu Luthuli Mandela is leaking like a goddamned sieve and all able seamen have either jumped overboard or are eyeing the lifejackets as the ship coasts, rudderless, towards certain shipwreck.

I heard a good one the other day:

If the ANC can't. Cope.

Hey, when the outlook is bleak, have a laugh. Everyone else is.


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