By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
NONONO!!! - January 26 2008 – Willowvale Hotel - Durban - KwaZulu Natal - South Africa

In the Name Of The Fader, The Subs And The High Spirits – LET THERE BE JOL!

Yes folks, that’s what you get folks, for shakin’ booty. Once again the Sacred Amplifier Of Love will be cranked up to 1.21 jigawatts so that the faithful can practice their devotions to the Jol, the whole Jol and nothing but the Jol. So help us all. And our livers. And our heads. And, come to think of it, unfortunate Rajen at Cha-Cha’s on Umgeni who usually has to put up with a rambling bunch of nutters who need quarts at 5am. Yes, it’s a rollicking circus of magnificent proportions hitherto unknown by the locals of the region. But I digress.

Ladies and gents, we are very proud to present, on two dancefloors:

The original alternative dancefloor pioneer, Helgé is a Durban institution, having single-handedly raised the musical bar since the 80’s at such luminary venues as Faces, Play, Outland, 330 and more recently, RE:Play. Not to be missed. (

The original renegade beat master from back in the day at Crash. Smooth as silk and a dab hand on the ones and two’s, Meanboy is the quintessential freestyle pro.

Everybody’s favourite knob-twiddling duo and our Live sacrifice to the gods of electro - these boys are a sure-fire sign of a kick-ass party. (

Of course your gracious hosts, the one and only ECLECTICA ALLSTARS - LEO, HEDMEKANIK and MIXIN VIXIN will be in attendance to ensure your uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Expect nothing less than the very best in alternative, electro, techno, retrosynth, indietronic, psychopop and sofatech. (And some stuff even we can't invent names for but sounds damn fine.)
Come on down and do the voodoo that they don't dare do!

R 40 – 9pm

Info: hedmekanik (at)

No More Corruption! No More Injustice! No More Shit Music!

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