An Overview Of World Domination

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
The forecast for the US is 30% chance of pointy nipples, and it's much the same for the rest of us...

Right, well, it's time for the inaugural 'Where The Hell Are They All?' Voodoo Kitchen Overview. Above is a map that has been diligently compiled by small men in a dingy basement hocked up on coffee and cheap cigarettes. (Which is, of course, how all the real work gets done on this planet. Coffee and cigarettes, man, I'm tellin ya. Gospel.)
As you can see, we're well on our way to world domination, sorry, that should read World Domination, in a few corners of the globe. Hey, gotta start somewhere, right? Right.
I didn't even know we had readers in some these places. I mean, the Caribbean? Damn, you people have sweet time on your hands if you're reading this from the beach in the Cribbian! (Which I thank you for, from the bottom of my keyboard.)
And it looks like we have some viewers up there in Europe, which is fantastic, and for that I can thank Amy Winehouse, because since she's been in rehab half of Europe don't know what to do with their spare web time at work. Amy, we love you baby, hang in there. You're an individual.
And to the rest of our viewers I bow and scrape and say 'Thank you for watching, you're a great audience. Keep up the slacking!'



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