UFS Humiliation - Sordid, Sorry State Of Affairs

Category: By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Had an odd request today. I got an email asking me why I didn't make use of my spare time ('you obviously have a lot of it, judging by the amount of rubbish you post on your blog...'...excuse me?) to raise the topic of the four cleaning staff who were subjected to a humiliation at the University of The Free State.

Made me think, but then I realised that, in fact, my blog is for what I find interesting, and while I am shocked/astonished/revolted/flabbergasted that this kind of mentality still hangs on for dear life in various dark corners of my country, I find the whole saga at the UFS utterly sordid, and to be honest, the kind of racial minefield which I generally try to avoid. I'm white, by the way. (More accurately pink, especially after a day at the beach. But I digress.)

Perhaps if I were an anthropologist, or studying psychology at a university, instead of trying to get along with my fellow man, I'd have the time to dwell on the forces that boil and fester under the skin of this, the Crying Beloved Country. But I don't.

Which is not to say that I don't have an opinion on the matter, I certainly do - those idiots deserve to be pissed on and humiliated, not given the opportunity to use the national media to justify or excuse their involvement in a sorrowfully retarded game of racial thuggery. Twats. Adding fuel to the tinder pile of racial tension in this of all countries is a imbecilic throwback to a past we should all be trying to move on from. And yes, I do think that whites have room to apologise. If the Aussies can do it, so can we.

So there you go, o dearest emailer - I hope I've made your day and stuck something interesting up for your edification.

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