Busy, Busy, Busy

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Busy, busy, busy - thus the lack of action hereabouts. That said, here’s a brief list of the titles I can remember having read in the last…three months or so. This excludes those that I’ve forgotten a) because they were unremarkable or b) because I’m terribly forgetful, for some mysterious reason that I can’t…what was I saying? Anyway, I recommend all of these.

Wilfrid Blunt Linnaeus - The Compleat Naturalist
Tom Robbins - Villa Incognito (his best, imo)
Paul Theroux - Jungle Lovers
- Dark Star Safari
- Kingdom By The Sea
- Mosquito Coast (fourth time)
- Riding The Iron Rooster
- The Family Arsenal
John Peel - Margrave Of The Marshes
Todd Matshikiza - Chocolates For My Wife
Irvine Welsh - Filth (second time)
Howard Marks - Señor Nice
Judy Marks - Mr Nice & Mrs Marks
Isabel Allende - Zorro
Simon Elmes - Talking For Britain
Ian Banks - Dead Air
Malachy McCourt - A Monk Swimming

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  1. Claudia March 7, 2008 at 11:15 AM
    Have you read Hotel Honolulu by Paul Theroux? Its Excellent
    And other Irvin Welsh, Porno, Maribou Stork Nightmares - both excellent, The Newish one : Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs' is OK, good twist at the end. Filth is brilliant but disturbed me no end for days and days...
    Do yourself a favour and read Saturday by Ian McEwan, and Until I Find You by John Irving
  2. hedmekanik (at) gmail (dot) com March 7, 2008 at 11:29 AM
    Howzit Claudia;

    Haven't read Hotel Honolulu, wil track it down.
    Read Porno & Maribou Stork Nightmares, have read reviews of Bedroom Secrets, will get there, I'm sure.
    Filth...disturbing, yes. I forgot that I had read it, so started it again, and then had to finish it.
    Will also look up Saturday & Until I find You (favourite Irving was S. - brilliant.)

    Cheers for those, have a good weekend!

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