We Smaak An Ambient Jol

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
- An ambient jol? No, you’re mad. Ous’ll never go for it.
- Whad'you mean, ‘never go for it’? There’s shitloadsa ou’s that’ll smaak it!
- Never. You’re mad. In Durban? You got a snowball’s.
- Well screw you, my little sunbeam of joy, cos I’m gonna do it and the ou’s can come if they smaak, and if they don’t I guess it’ll just be me, my tunes and my beer, right?
- Righto. Just being reasonable, y’know? Seen you do this before with the dub thing, and, y’know, the ou’s didn’t exactly queue up for those jols, so…just playing devil’s disting, right. Not tryna piss on your battery or anything.
- Whatever, bru. I reckon there’s a gap – maybe not in any ol’ jol, but beachside is a winner. Tuning you.
- Hmmm. That’s a bit more reasonable, that jol has at least got the venue side of it sorted. Can’t help but smaak ambient vibes when you’re parking sleazy on the strand.
- For sure, one-two wetties and a shorey vying bossies only a hundred metres away, who can’t smaak that kinda jol? Chuck in a one-two dolls and there it is.
- Fully. I’m keen.
- You check? Start off all warrawarra, now you’re all over it.
- Bobby Browns, bru.
- Ay?
- It’s my prerogative.
- Christ, you’re a prize wopsac sometimes.


For the benefit of our international audience who may not understand Afrikaans or South African slang, we have the following clarification:

jol - 'party', 'fun' (very similar to 'craic' in Gaelic: where's the jol = what's the craic)
smaak - 'like', 'enjoy'
ou's - an 'ou' is afrikaans for a guy, so 'ou's' = plural
disting - 'this thing' corrupted to be a general term for any thing
tuning you - to 'tune' someone is to tell them something, or tell them off
wetties - drinks
shoreys - shorebreak
vying bossies - 'going off' (bos=bush)
one-two - a couple
warrawarra - blah blah


We love an ambient tune, so here's 'Grey Clouds' by Alan Parker and The Orb, a 2004 rework of 'Little Fluffy Clouds'.


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