You Need Streetlab In Your Life

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Yes, it's true. We love a halftone pixellation.

Do a fair bit of sieving the net for amadeadly tunes, I do, it's true. The problem is, you gotta slog through a lot of gunge to find the gems. But it's all good, because true diamonds await the dedicated prospector. Such a diamond is Streetlab, who, as usual, I'm a little late in picking up on. Hey, it's a full-time job, being me - between keeping my ravishing wife in the style she's accustomed to, working three jobs, reading like a voracious bibliophile, playing an endless stream of high-profile engagements (OK, I exaggerate. I play every Tuesday at a relatively hip local restaurant) keeping fit through a hardcore regime of sofa yoga and getting a dose of surf as often as possible, I've a full dance card on my hands. But I digress.
Streetlab are from Nooyuksity and they, among few remixers out there, have an ear for classics. Yes, you get loads of remixes out there in the rarified atmosphere of the interweb, but a lot of it is hyper-hyper extra-strength psychopop, which gets a bit maddening at times.

But Streetlab, they're a different story - shit, they take on the Stones, Led Zep, INXS and even the overlord of reggae, Robert Nestor the Jamaican himself. So let your fingers do the mousing - you need some of this in your life.

Go on, then.

('too late!' she cried.)


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