Burn, Baby, Burn

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Welcome to Mars. Enjoy your stay.

Sweet baby Jesus laying in the manger, did we have ourselves a fine-ass time out there at AfrikaBurn. Phew. Wow. Damn. Jislaaik. Aibo. Whoa. The expletives don't even come close, but there you go - a Burn leaves you kinda at a loss for words (and with a deep hankering to do it all over again, as soon as possible).

Suffice to say, we set up our Camp AmaDeadlyDisco (which, as the name suggests, was a dancefloor which featured...not so much disco as every other kind of music under the sun, as well as two discoballs), met some great people, saw some mind-blowing art, witnessed the burning of some massive structures, and then packed up and headed back on home to this, our common-denominator-common-or-garden, default reality.

We had really cool neighbours, the good folk from Camp Partycipation, and made a whole bunch of new friends, who made themselves comfy in our camp and our hearts.

If it sounds a little 'aww shucks', that's cos it was, and if you don't understand why, then you, dear reader, need to get your ass to a Burn near you.

I'll be posting a couple of articles I've written over the next few days, but for now I leave you with the pic above.



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