It's Alright Ma, It's Only House Music

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
See Spooky Panda. See Spooky Panda dance. Dance, Panda, dance!

The wife says I'm getting soft in my old age, and classifies some of the stuff I now DJ as 'house'. Now, I mighta taken exception to such barefaced cheek a few years ago, but I've realised that 'house music' probably reflects the spirit of some of the stuff best. Why? Because all the truly dire crap drivel coming outta speakers at a club near you is no longer called house - it's called by 'deep', 'progressive', 'minimal', 'electro' and any number of other names. The result? House music has reclaimed some of its authenticity since even the cheesemasters started avoiding using the term.

So, here's to revisiting the music that started all the bruxism and shaking. This right here is a piece put together by James A. Copeland. Otherwise (pretty damn well) known as Broken Toy in the Cape trance scene, with a fanbase of dedicated flouro nutjobs in tow, he's branched out to tech and 'house' under the Nesono moniker. And I like it.

Nesono - Dagger 125A.mp3

Note to the net Sherrif: fuck off, this is legally downloadable with rights granted. Love you. Hang on, no I don't. You suck. Kisses.

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