A Whole Lotta Love

By Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik
Photo: Roger Jardine / shot on Hasselblad

Always wondered what all the fuss was about, this whole thing about weddings. The stress, the bickering, the family members meddling, the fussing and minor meltdowns. You always hear about 'Christ, was I nervous' and 'It just gets too much' and all that. Had always thought people were overreacting and just being, well, useless. And now I know. It's a helluva thing. You walk down that aisle and all eyes are you and...you kinda have a minor out of body experience. But damn, was it an experience.

Our Love Declaration Celebration was a participatory affair - we would never have gone in for the muffin dresses, the traditional schedule of boring speeches and some proselytizing minister and all the (frankly awful, in our opinion) white wedding trimmings that can make some occasions a yawnfest. So we opted to instead do it ourselves, by having our guests contribute a skill, an item or a service. The upside: everyone feels involved, and gets involved. The result: a fantastic day of colour, freinds and family and one horned, pearler kicking monstrosity of a party.

Did it all proceed smoothly? Did it ever. It was fanfuckingtastic. My bride looked like a billion dollars (hey, a mill ain't what it used to be), and my suit got me the most compliments I've ever had. Now I know what all the fuss is about a tailored suit. If anyone wants the number of my tailor, shout. I'll let the picture speak the thousand words. And if you'd like to see more, go hither:

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